David Wagner

When I look around me, be it in a place with a sweeping vista or a room with a sea of faces I see beauty, I see Gods handiwork. I think in images, it's like this rolling story board filled with beautiful pictures, shapes and colors. As an artist I strive to tell a visual story of whatever the subject matter is that conveys to the viewer exactly what I am seeing. It can be very challenging to re-create on canvas or paper the image I see, I've often spent days on a portrait just trying to get the basic layout down before ever building the painting with color. I have gone through lots of material trying to get things just right.

With photography, good photography, the object is to capture the moment as accurately as possible, using the light and shadow to refine and define all the while keeping the composition pleasing and uncluttered. The colors in a great photograph can help to tell the story and there should be leading lines and shapes to guide the viewers eye. No matter how sophisticated a camera is it cannot capture a scene exactly the way you saw it. You have to refine a photograph with careful manipulation to get it right, sometimes just a little gets the job done; sometimes it takes a whole lot more.

Over the years I've developed a way of blending my passion to create with my love of photography and come up with some techniques that blend the art of drawing and painting with the art of photography. I'm convinced that had the old masters been able to employ some of the wonders of todays digital world they would have embraced them. If I could go back in time and give a digital artists Wacom tablet and stylus like I use to my hero Leonardo he would have loved it! Rembrandt would have had a blast with Photoshop!

I use whatever technique I need to create an image that best suits the needs of my client and fulfills my artistic requirements for a great picture.

As a result of years of study and experimentation I've fine tuned my skills as an artist and photographer so that I can create a piece of art for my clients in a relatively short period of time on a wide variety of media and in any size for a very affordable price.

David Wagner


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